Enable industrial internet.

We build full stack, turnkey industrial internet services from automation to cloud.


We can connect to any existing logic controller, and if needed we have our own logic controller devices and data sensor instruments to meet any possible needs.

Industrial internet

Our initial industrial internet expertise is in one of the most challenging of fields, marine, where we have successfully operated for over a decade.


Your data will be stored in our cloud service, where you can have access to your data from anywhere.

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  • Full stack

    We will deliver and install the needed instruments, sensors and servers for data collection where they are needed. Our systems are flexible and compatible with a large variety of automation controllers and devices. The data will be uploaded to our cloud service, from where it can be viewed from any device.

  • Turnkey

    We will handle the configuration and the data collection. When a data collection package has been implemented, the customer has full access to their data.

  • Industrial internet

    We have over a decade of experience in data collection and data analysis. Our forefront service is a data collector for ship engines, which helps to optimize fuel consumption efficiency and maintenance scheduling. Our systems can be implemented anywhere regardless of scale.

The key to efficiency and sustainability

Industrial internet of things (iiot) is in its core a hardware-driven industry. In our approach, we build ground-first, and our expertise is in automation. That's why we have delivered and will deliver large scale industrial internet systems to any environment where even occasional internet access can be provided. Our services are the key to improving efficiency by scheduling maintenance and operations based on data, so that the device can reach its maximum efficiency. With efficiency comes also, sustainability, as less energy is consumed to run the same process.

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Enable industrial internet

We offer our services to select customers, whom are established in their own industries. If you are interested in enabling industrial internet for your units, please contact us. We will make it happen.